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Paul Wm. Orstad - USSVI Scholarship Chairman

From:   Paul Wm. Orstad, USSVI Scholarship Chmn
Date:    03 December, 2005
Subject:    2005 Scholarship Winners

High School Senior Group

Bremerton Base "Willie Spoon" Memorial Scholarship Award: $1000
Priya R. Hampel, Daughter of Edward Hampel, Farragut Base

John Fredericks Memorial Scholarship Award $1000
Jessica Alexander, Granddaughter of Stan Alexander, Groton Base

Groton Base Scholarship Award: $1000
Courtney Stewart, Granddaughter of Charles R. Johnson, Groton Base

Perch Base "Gary Patterson" Memorial Scholarship Award: $1000
Kara L. Barnes, Daughter of Robert C. Barnes, Tri-State Base

USSVI Scholarship Winners: $750

Megan R. Arrington, Granddaughter of Barton O. Russell, Lockwood Internet Base
Kara S. Brant, Daughter of Robert E. Smith, Toledo Base
Katherine A. Dittrich, Granddaughter of Reynold C. Dittrich, Mpls/St. Paul Base
Cole A. Fitzgerald, Grandson of Donald E. Cole, Topeka/Jefferson City base
Melissa L. Norman, Granddaughter of Verne K. Smith, Farragut Base
Nancy Rogers, Granddaughter of Walton G. Eller, Cowtown Base
Kelly A. Schutter, Daughter of Wayne J. Schutter, Thunder Mountain Base
Andrew W. Smith, Stepson of Krist E. Pottorff, Hoosier Base
Zachary Smith, Son of Donald Smith, Buffalo Base
Sabrina R. Stone, Daughter of Randall Stone, Hawkbill Base
Megan D. strobe, Granddaughter of Donald E. Douglas, Peoria Base
Samantha Thompson, Granddaughter of Richard Dent, Bay State West Base

College Group

Groton Base Scholarship Award: $1000
Christina Robey, Daughter of Joseph R Robey, MAL

Perch Base "Gary Patterson" Scholarship Memorial Award: $1000
Ashley Nevels, Granddaughter of Robert Campbell, Requin Base

Submarine Officers' Wive's Club of Pearl Harbor, HI Scholarship Award: $1000
Kristie Neeser, Granddaughter of Gerald R. Nesser, Hawkbill Base

USSVI Scholarship Winners: $750

Gavin M. Bidelman, Grandson of Harry T. Bidelman, Escolar Base
Kristen Collins, Daughter of Ricky Collins, Charleston Base
Jennifer Lindstrom, Granddaughter of George Worley, Hoosier Base
Shannon McColl, Daughter of Angus McColl, Bremerton Base
Emily Ongstad, Granddaughter of Reynold Dittrich, Mpls/St. Paul Base
Seth D. Osenkarski, Son of Raymond L. Osenkarski, Bowfin Base
Beth Richards, Granddaughter of Charles Rapp, Cincinnati Base
Carrie Syvertsen, Granddaughter of Eugene T. Johnson, Bremerton Base
Ellen M. Thomas, Granddaughter of Lyle Holm, Mpls/St. Paul Base
Jennifer Whitten, Granddaughter of Willis Spaulding, Green Mountain Base

From:   Paul Wm. Orstad, USSVI Scholarship Chmn
Date:    19 October, 2005
Subject:    USSVI Scholarship Program 2006

Welcome to the USSVI Scholarship program. The scholarship program is to help defray some of the mounting college expenses for books, labs, lab fees, board and room, computer supplies etc. To be eligible to receiver a scholarship you are required to follow out the USSVI Scholarship Application. It consists of a cover letter giving you instruction of which you are required to follow. Failing to follow will result is getting your application back. We also provide you a hint sheet for which is giving you additional help if followed and you will be examined by the scholarship board.

This year you will be required to provide us with an email address so that if there are any questions we will be able to contact you faster. If your state does not allow for class ranking such as "12 out a class of 150" you need to tell us that because we count your standing in your score. We will contact you for a school contact and call them to explain the situation to them. If you are home schooled you will need to provide the state certification on your grades to us so that we can determined your grades are with the other students we are grading for a scholarship.

Eligibility is as follows: the student sponsors "Must be a member in Good Standing" at a base or a member-at-large (MAL). The sponsor must be "qualified in submarines" or been a "relief Crew member" in USSV WWII group. The student can be the son or daughter, stepchildren, grand children, or a court appointed to a guardian of the sponsor.

The Sponsor must be a member of a base or "member at large" (MAL) in "good standing". Each sponsor standing will be verified by the National office on or about 20 April 2006. Last year we had several sponsors who did not join and there child application was pulled while the board was in session. Also two sponsors were members but their base did not get the monthly report into the National office on time and were almost pulled.

The parent of the sponsor will supply a copy of the previous year (2005) 1040 Tax form signed. If not sign it will be returned for signature. The Scholarship Chairman is the only person who will see the tax form and a test your financial records. If the parent wants them return please state that and it will be return gladly other wise the will be destroyed upon announcing the winners for the scholarship in August 2006.

There will be a minimum of 18 scholarships of which one will be worth $1500 in memory of Past National Commander John Fredericks, six $1000 and 11 $750 divided between two groups. There will be additional scholarships, which will depend on the donations we receive through the next year. The high school group will have the John Fredericks Memorial Scholarship, Groton Base Scholarship, Bremerton Base "Willie Spoon Memorial Scholarship" and the Perch Base "Gary Patterson Memorial Scholarship". The College group will have the Groton Base Scholarship, Perch Base "Gary Patterson Memorial Scholarship" and the Submarine Officers Wivesí Club of Pearl Harbor, HI scholarship. These are our lead scholarships, which are worth $1000.00 and one for $1500.00. There is a possibility of a couple more bases wanting to offer scholarships in the name of the base or shipmate, which has not come forward yet but could by the end of next June in 2006.

If there is any further question or inquires you are requested to contact the USSVI Scholarship Committee members or the Scholarship Chairman. They will answer your questions and assist you any way they can. The Scholarship Chairman can be contacted by email, phone or by mail. Here is his info:

USSVI Scholarship Chairman
Paul Wm. Orstad
30 Surrey Lane
Norwich, CT 06360-6541

Phone:   (860) 889-4750 or (860) 334-6457 (cell)

Important Documents

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